Thursday, February 2, 2017

ABVP Opposes Age Limits and Cap on Attempt Limits in NEET UG 2017

MeDe Vision- the medical chapter of ABVP strictly opposes the arbitrary decision of CBSE board to impose restrictions on age limit and number of attempts in the upcoming NEET-UG 2017 examination as per Admission Notice dated 31.1.2017.

Till now, CBSE used to prescribe upper age limit to 25 years only for the 15% seats through AIPG quota. However, no age limit was there for the remaining 85% state quota in most states. Accordingly many students even above 25 years had been preparing for NEET-UG this year with the aim of getting a seat through the 85% quota. Many students of villages got out of their homes and stayed in cities for almost a year now with the aim of getting a seat through this 85% block. There was no age restriction in any previous order and suddenly, while filling out their form, restriction of upper age limit has sent them to shock, anger and depression. Any decision, even if taken in the best interests of the nation should be taken with utter care and adequate time given so that students older than 25 wouldn't have prepared at all and instead taken up some other career path.

Regarding the number of limits, it is to be mentioned that NEET UG has already happened thrice- once in 2013 and 2 times in 2016. So students who have been attempting since 2013 are getting disqualified automatically for NEET UG 2017. This is unfair to these students who were not aware of any such limits prior to their previous examinations. Number of attempts may be counted with effect from this year only.

At the same time, we salute the decision of linking of Aadhaar number to every NEET-UG aspirant as that will greatly reduce the corruption in examination and admission system in many medical colleges.

Herein we urge you to kindly hold this decision at least for this academic session and due notifications on age limit and cap on number of attempts for NEET UG 2018 be informed early so that no student's time is unknowingly wasted and career compromised with.

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