Monday, January 23, 2017

Suicide Is Never An Option: Brave The Storm To Emerge Stronger

I am shocked to know of the sudden demise of my beloved junior Amit Karmakar, a promising MBBS student of ESI Medical College. I don't know what forced him to take that extreme step but it's saddening that he chose to end his life so prematurely.

As humans, we all love to dream and in the obsession to achieve it, we forget that there's a whole lot of world left for us beyond that little dream. And when the dream breaks, it seems we have nothing left in life to accomplish. A bout of gloom sets in, and we either vent your ire on others or we choose to keep it to ourselves.

The person you have loved so deeply since childhood may just don't care about you or may even inflict severe harshness on you. Your world may seem to to have come to an end and you have no one else.. But, mark my words, your crush will definitely come back someday to express that regret of not recognizing and reciprocating your genuine feelings for him/her, but then that so too late. Coz you are meant to be loved by someone else even more charming, even more caring. You have to live through this temporary setback to see that day. I have seen those days and so will you.

With rising competition thanks to fierce private tutorial practices, exams are getting tougher. 30000 people are preparing hard, sacrificing their day and night for a year to get into the top 3000. So, mathematically, 27000 people won't be successful and they will have to wait another year. And there is high probability that despite the hardest of sacrifices and hardships, you may be in the unlucky 27000. But have you seen 27000 students committing suicide after any exam? That never happens. Every one feels as bad or some even worse as they have much more hardships or family pressure than you but still barring 1 or 2, none takes the extreme step. We feel bad, dejected, depressed and then decide to take a distraction. A weekend trip to a mystic forest or an evening in the nearest theatre showing a Deb or Akshay comedy. And again we limp back to life- with renewed zeal to work harder to make it this time.. Just don't forget to set aside time for mind-rejuvenating distractions during the preparation days.. the cycle goes and again we focus on our goal with tougher resolve. Every chance to be successful this time around. Escaping this battlefield is never a solution. If you choose to escape, you lose and so do the people who put in their energies to see you win.. their dreams are now shattered.. 
Its not for no reason that Charles Darwin proposed the theory of 'struggle for existence and survival of the fittest'. We have to struggle and survive this struggle to emerge on top, to realise our goal. Short term losses should make you tougher, stronger and fitter.
Today, as we celebrate the birthday of the spirited fighter of Indian freedom struggle, I would like to appeal to my friends and juniors to not yield to such temporary bouts of depression. 
Not everything is meant for all. That's life. Everyone around you has yielded something to someone at least for once in life and fighting with all they have. Every such storm makes the person in you tougher, stronger and sharper. So brave the storm instead of succumbing to it.

P.S. If you notice your friend or someone around you staying reserved or not being his or her own self, you should enquire. Your friend may not disclose in first go, but it's your duty. He/She may shout at you, but you should assure him that he/she can safely disclose his/her inner feelings and accordingly you can help your friend get out of the crisis. The role of the friend is crucial in such cases. Many lives can be saved if we have a trustworthy and caring friend around us.

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