Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cancer Does Not Mean Death Is Imminent

Cancer is curable. Just look through. Cancer is not death sentence.
My Doctor Told Me, "You Have Got Cancer". So I am going to die. 
That's the first thing that comes to the mind of any person, however strong he or she maybe, once his or her doctor pronounces a diagnosis of cancer. Without even knowing the stage, the type and the prognosis of that cancer type, the person sees a death sentence for himself or herself. Same feeling goes down the spine of his near and dear ones. I am going to lose him and they break down into tears of an impending treatment.
If you are a cancer patient or one of those people whose loved ones are battling with cancer, I need to correct you. You are wrong. Yes, you are utterly wrong.
Cancer research has progressed in the last few decades faster than any other subject. Today, cancer is not just treatable. But it's curable. It's just like other chronic diseases like diabetes or renal failure which resides within you and takes months or years to go. And yes, in fact, unlike diabetes which never leaves you, cancer has high chance to actually leave you, maybe after 4 months of time-bound disciplined treatment. This is not a hypothetical exaggeration. This is a truth. My patients are live testimony to this. Many of them have actually been declared 'cancer-free'.
"You have got Cancer" means you have got just another disease, and definitely not a death sentence. Just get an honest and updated doctor for yourself and follow his instructions with strict discipline. The result will be for yours to see and live through. Believe me. You will live to share your story of belief and courage with me that day.


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