Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cancer: Latest Statistics in India

Latest-details-on-cancer-updates-indiaImportant statistics on the present Indian scenario in cancer.

•1,014,900 Indians are diagnosed with cancer every year.

•1,790,500 Indians are living with cancer .

•682,800 deaths in India reported annually due to cancer.

•10.1% Indians carry the risk of getting cancer before the age of 75.

•Cancers of the lip and oral cavity account for the maximum number of cancer cases in Indian males, while breast cancer accounts for the maximum number of cases among females.

—India, as of today, has lower incidence of cancer than the developed countries.

—North Eastern states, followed by South India share the highest incidence rates.

—Tobacco abuse needs to be curbed.

—Cancer incidence projected to rise as a result of greater industrialisation, urbanisation, changing lifestyles, and an increase in average life expectancy.

—Economic challenges with regard to cancer treatment costs need to be addressed.

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