Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Urgent: Request for Reconsideration of MD/MS Seats Scrapped Midway During Admission Process‏

Dr. Harsh Vardhan,
Hon’ble Union Minister,
Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare,
Union Government of India

My heartiest congratulations to you for assuming charge of Health and Family Welfare Ministry of the Government of India. 
This letter is to apprise you of the alarming situation arising out of a  sudden decrease in Post-Grauation seats in medical colleges across our country. Various ministry reports and press releases over the last couple of years claim PG seats are being increased in massive numbers in various medical colleges to meet the shortfall of specialist doctors in India. In reality however, we see a notice almost every other day that MD/MS seats are being derecognized by MCI in various medical colleges. While the number of MBBS seats is being raised in fair numbers, the number of postgraduation seats hasn’t been proportionately increased. Rather it’s being decreased disproportionately. While 100+ (90 seats scrapped in last 90 days only) MD/MS seats from All India pool have been derecognized, only 94 seats have been added this session. So, instead of much-claimed increase in PG seats, we are seeing a net decrease, in fact. What’s more surprising is that the number of seats has been suddenly decreased in the last few months of previous government in many esteemed medical colleges where the course had been running for years with that number of PG seats. But, suddenly, in the last 3-4 months, despite the All India PG counselling process been started, the seats are being scrapped midway. Much to the dismay of postgraduate aspirants who have secured ranks in the AIPGMEE exam. 
Such a trend is suspicious, disastrous and augurs ill not just for the medical students but more importantly for the country where we have a massive shortfall of specialist doctors, as you are already aware of. 
Herein I would like to request you to intervene and ask, at your earliest, Medical Council of India to reconsider its decision of scrapping PG seats for the 2014-17 academic session for which counseling process is underway...

Hope, Ache Din Aa Gaye!
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Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister,
Shri Lov Verma, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare