Monday, March 3, 2014

GSVM Kanpur: Medical College Students Assaulted By UP Police

Lawkeepers or Lawbreakers? Kanpur SSP Yasashvi Yadav ordering his policemen to go ahead and break the bones of medical students of GSVM Kanpur

What happens when lawmakers turn lawbreakers- to appease their political patrons? Have a look at the video.. This is in India. 21st century.

GSVM-Medical-College-Hostel-Police-SP-AttackAfter a war of words between ruling Samajwadi Party MLA Irfan Solanki’s men and junior doctors on Friday, Uttar Pradesh Police, hand in glove with the MLA’s men, unleashed state-sponsored terror in the campus of the prestigious Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Medical College in Kanpur. Armed with batons and firearms and shielded with helmets, policemen under the leadership of Kanpur Superintendent of Police, Yasashvi Yadav barged through the hostel gates, broke open windows and doors and beat up GSVM-Medical-College-Police Assault-Samajwadi-Party-MLA-Irfan-Solankiunarmed medical students mercilessly, ransacking their rooms and belongings. More than 100 medical students and faculty members are reportedly injured. 3 of them are fighting for their life in ICU with broken pelvis, vertebra and other life-threatening injuries. Strangely enough, 24 medical students have been taken into police custody, while 40 students are still missing after the assault. And to add to the chill is the voice of Kanpur Special Superintendent of Police Yasashvi Yadav urging his subordinates to “Go in and break the bones”. Nearly a 100 fire-shots have been reported as well. Girls and senior faculty members were also not spared. In fact, the Principal too was held by the collar by the hooligans and beaten up, along with other senior professors of the college. It’s the same police which wears bangles on their hands when it comes to arresting terrorists or tainted netas.


The Times of India (2/3/14) says:

Ganesh Shankar Vidhyathi Medical College campus on Saturday presented a sordid picture of police high-handedness and the pitched battle waged by junior doctors on Friday night. Damaged motorcycles and cars were lying there. Hostel rooms too were in shambles.
GSVM-Student-beaten-by-Kanpur-PoliceHostel rooms one after another pointed towards the vendetta unleashed by the men-in-khaki and alleged Samajwadi Party workers on the occupants for the alleged assault on party MLA.
Belongings of the room had been turned upside down. Shattered laptops, damaged medical books, broken chairs and tables and shattered mirrors all were pointers to the terror unleashed by the cops.
Ransacked-GSVM-Kanpur-CampusWhere ever TOI went on Saturday, faces of junior doctors reflected the terror. The hostels of course were deserted. Boys hostel -III and IV came into for special treatment from the rampaging cops.
Many of the junior doctors had locked their rooms and fled. The cops broke the window panes to enter rooms. At some places even the locks seems to have been broken brutally.
"They didn't even care to seek permission of GSVM principal Dr Navneet Kumar before entering hostels and brutally assaulting junior doctors," said a doctor and added, "Till late in the night, police wreaked havoc on the campus on the instructions of the SSP. They didn't even spare senior doctors, including Dr RP Sharma."
"The police held our principal by the collar and misbehaved. This cannot be tolerated and we have therefore, taken to roads to protest," said a junior doctor.

Today, I realize the rule of Samajwadi Party is aptly called ‘goondaraj’.

Though I personally never foulmouth, the worst of foul languages are spontaneously coming to my larynx as I saw this chilling video, sending a shiver down my spine.

irfan-solanki-beating-gsvm-studentOur message to UP CM, Akhilesh Yadav- 

Enough is Enough. If you don’t take any action against the erring SSP and your MLA, get ready to be paid back in your own coin. Don’t think we will sit back and submit to your antics!!

We, as citizens of India, demand criminal proceedings against Kanpur SSP Yasashvi Yadav and his political master- SP MLA Irfan Solanki, and set up a thorough judicial inquiry into the incident that has caused gross violation of human rights. If the offenders go scot-free even after seeing all these video proof sufficient for arrest on charges of abetment of riots, we will lose our faith in the democracy that India claims to have.”


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