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Urgent: Request For Preventing MD/MS Seat Blocking and Wastage‏

With due respect and high hopes, I would like to express my justified apprehension and humble suggestions against seat blocking and the resulting loss of AIPGMEE merit-listed candidates with regards to their subject and college preference.

AIPGMEE, due to high exam standards, is one of the toughest examinations of the country that involves months or even years of hard work, dedication and struggle of Indian medical graduates. Still, largely due to uncoordinated counseling schedule, many seats either go wasted or are handed over to states.

A small example before you: Mr.A scores a rank of 3500 in AIPGMEE All India list and around 180 in State (say Delhi) list. He wants to specialize in General Surgery which he may get via Delhi state rank and not via All India rank. However, all 3 rounds of AIPGMEE counseling are stated to be finished by 30th March. He attends it, doesn’t get Surgery and hence settles for MD Radiotherapy. Now, Delhi state counseling (which follows the same merit list) is scheduled to start from April 1 onwards. And Mr. A gets MS General Surgery via state list. Gladly, he takes it. His Radiotherapy seat gets vacant. And wasted, as no more round of AIPGMEE counseling is left now. Had another round of AIPGMEE counseling been held after the 1st round of Delhi state counseling, the seat wouldn’t have been wasted. And some guy who wanted but didn't get MD Radiotherapy and had to waste a year to start preparing again, could have got the seat made vacant by Mr.A. No one would have lost. A medical graduate wasting a year after completing his MBBS is a loss to the doctor but more importantly to the country with poor doctor population ratio. But such a disaster could have been prevented had a final round of AIPGMEE counseling been held after the state counseling.

This is just one example. There are 179 such candidates before Mr.A, at least 100 of whom would be opting for more preferred seats via state rank. However, all of them had attended all rounds of AIPGMEE counseling that had been held before state counseling and blocked as many seats, which would now be laying vacant. And this is one state only. There are likely 27 such states who would be admitting candidates by both state and all India quota. The number of seats thus lost gets alarmingly and really so high.

Sir, we are only medical graduates- interested in pursuing higher education and delivering quality specialist services to our countrymen. A wastage of post graduation seats serves no purpose- neither to us nor to any one concerned with this process. Except that it makes a guy interested in Surgery to settle for Pathology or a guy interested in Pathology to settle for Anatomy despite both having the requisite rank to specialize in the subject of their choice but they didn’t get it; thus creating half-hearted professionals who despite their merit fail to specialize in the subject of their choice due to prematurely held 3rd round of AIPGMEE counseling. A quick glance at last year's all four rounds' counseling details in NEET PG reveals a massive shift in subject choices and selection of colleges after the 4th round of counseling (Referral Link given below).. Deserving candidates across the merit list spectrum got a fair chance. Even after that, 1414 PG seats (Referral Link given below) had to be handed over to states in the name of 'vacant seats' which is erroneous as all these seats would have been lapped up if a mop-up counseling had been held. Had 4th counseling not taken place last year, much much more seats would have been wasted.

Like most other candidates looking forward to a brighter tomorrow with a post graduation degree that's imperative in the country's present healthcare scenario, I would like to place the following request before you:

#A final mop-up counseling, preferably offline (requiring original documents at time of selecting seats), of all India merit listed candidates is required after at least one round of all states' post graduate medical counseling so that no seat is wasted due to emptying of seats of candidates who take seat via state counseling/May AIIMS/May PGI, leaving and wasting their All India quota seats. Whether you issue orders to all states to conduct at least a round of counseling before 3rd counseling of AIPGMEE or you conduct a fresh 4th round after all states conduct at least a round of their own counseling, that's up to you sir. But, please ensure that AIPGMEE merit-listed candidates like me don't suffer due to the mess arising out of delayed individual state counselings. And its my fervent plea to you to conduct the final round of AIPGMEE counseling offline so that only genuine candidates who have not taken admission elsewhere and have the original documents with them can attend the final round.

#No AIPG Quota seats to be transferred to State. If, at all it needs to be transferred to states due to existing Court order, transfer the seats only after ensuring that no deserving AIPGMEE merit-listed candidates are bereft of their deserved choices due to seat blockage.

A single such step from your side will give us all a fair chance to get what we actually deserve and not what is imposed upon us due to seat blocking and wastage.
Hence, I would once again like to reiterate my honest request to you to take the necessary steps against seat blockade and wasting that takes heavy toll every year on AIPGMEE merit-listed candidates. Steps like a final round or mop-up counseling of all seats getting vacated after at least one round of counseling of all the individual states can serve a long way in cleaning up this mess and will be duly acknowledged and appreciated by all alike.
Waiting for a favorable reply from your side that will benefit all and hurt none.

Thanks and Regards,
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1. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

2. Keshav Desiraju, Hon'ble Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

3. Dr.(Prof.) Jagdish Prasad, DGHS, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

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5. Dr. Sanjay Shrivastava, ADGME

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