Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nightmare On The Streets of Kolkata- Finding The Root of The Problem

As the state of law and order in the state of West Bengal crumbles down for the worse, there has also been a spurt in number of crimes against women in Kolkata. Whether the administration admits this or not, situation is all not so rosy for women. Incidents of molestation, indecent assaults are becoming more frequent every day. Here’s a snapshot of the state of affairs at various important and once-famed streets of Kolkata- the state capital (see photo).

kolkata crime on women

Of course, we need stricter policing through increased number of mobile police vans and an ever alert police force to control the situation. But that’s not enough. Though we may cry hoarse for police action and better administration, it’s no secret that even if all personnel of Kolkata Police stop other daily activities and only keep patrolling the streets night and day, a safer Kolkata may still stay a distant dream.

The number of crimes against women- be it rapes and other forms of sexual and physical assault have seen a sudden spurt not just due to ineffective policing, but more due to a generalized breakdown in morality across our society. Our heart doesn’t pain when we see a hungry old man in rugged attire, too weak to even cry for help- lying down with empty eyes on the pavement of Park Street.

Our children these days start reading with Aesop’s fables but ends up reading only savitha bhabi by the time they reach adolescence. In Indian society, we said “Bhabi maa saman hoti hain(Brother’s wife is like your mother).” But today, our vulnerable kids fall prey to lusty thoughts when they hear the word ‘bhabi’.

Hence what can we expect of these youth with such corrupt thoughts than to utter filthy comments on girls at best and end up committing sex crimes at worst? Will their heart even pain when they see some girl’s modesty being outraged, unless that woman is his sister or wife? Instead they will stand aside and watch the tamasha.

That’s the heartless city Kolkata is steadily turning out to be. Unless we stem the rot at this early stage, a day may not be far off when we have stop getting out with family and keep our doors bolted once dusk sets in.

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