Sunday, July 28, 2013

Issaq (2013) Movie Review

IssaqSet in the ghaats and galis of the colourful old city of Benaras, Issaq could have been a great movie, but alas!
The plot is old (Romeo and Juliet- you all know; no suspense when you walk in) and even further diluted than the Shakespearean classic. The film has got no twist, no turns. Just flat, and even stretched to three long hours, messed up with Spiderman-type wall climbing stunts of the hero and incomplete fight scenes. At times, you will feel like walking out of the movie hall. And memory still fresh with the immortal portrayal of Benarasi guy Kundan in the romantic blockbuster Raanjhanaa also set in the temple town, Prateik Babbar is really no match for Dhanush in terms of spontaneity. Amrya Dastur fails to impress with her stiff acting skills- it's her debut no doubt, she needs to get into the thick of trade. And to add to the boring screenplay and acting is an unimpressive cinematography that fails to capture the colours of love resplendent in the Indian heartland And, last but foremost, if any film flops, the one head that is bound to roll is that of the director. If a director of a tragedy fails to wet the eyes of the weakest of all hearts even with the lovers' death, something must be awefully wrong. Manish Tiwari fails to stir your emotions even for a moment during this three-hour sojourn of boredom.
Just one advice for cinebuffs- Waste your three hours elsewhere!
Rating: 1.5/5 stars (Below Average)

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