Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lost in Tears And Time

Savour Ethereal Romance in the Flavour of Tragedy @JTHJ Theme Tune


For oft when in my pensive mood                                     And my past seems to haunt me

Not a pint of wine can open the floodgates of my tears

In repentance of a battery of fatal deeds and mistakes

And I hold none but myself for                                          The hazy bitterness in my life

And the tears that run day and night down the eyes

Of the people I thought I loved and will still love.

Had thought my heart as inert                                            Unless I felt your wild tears

As they make their way down the gutters of innocence

But the time I realized it is now way too costly and late.

Now with new memories again                                            I must dance to the tune of life

As old pearls get lost and found again and again

From among the dreary and tortuous sands of time.

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