Monday, February 18, 2013

Adrenaline Rush- A Season’s Poem

adrenaline rush
That’s a short poem penned by me someday.
Not to relate to any personal equations though..

Click on the above image to view the poem.

Poem Text:

You made my heart skip a beat and literally jump to a billion beats,

Thanx dear for making me feel I still possess a heart

Thanx for making me realize what matters of the heart literally means.

Had you not touched my soul, I would have never known my heart still beats for you,

Nor would I have known you are the pacemaker for my heart and soul.

I thought you broke my heart                                                    I thought you withered my soul

                                                But today I realized you re the one

                                         Whose one touch sparked off an adrenaline rush

That set off a thousand flutter                                                   Down the Purkinje fibres

                                                To make me realize what is true love.